We Had Some Snow Today

Which ain’t news for some parts of the country. Kind of rare here though. And, of course, it was all mostly gone by afternoon. Still, was nice to have some anyway.

My Poor Antenna Wire!

Fr40SWMBO had to drive in to work (in Seattle) this morning cause they cancelled two ferries this morning. Sucks. And it cost her only $28 to park all day someplace! She let me know that she got there safe if not exactly on time.

Other than that, just not a whole heck of a lot going on around here. Been doing “things” around the house and finishing up the laundry. Getting rid of a lot of computer “stuff” that I’ll probably never use again. Outdated. Obsolete. The recycle place is gonna love me!

SWMBO got home safe and about 15 minutes earlier then usual. Too bad she left her office at 1630 and was on the road that whole time! It’s a bitch when then cancel a Ferry or two from Bremerton. She’s okay and in doing her homework. (I’m still sleeping with a COED!)

Damn Dolphin file manager locks up the computer every time I right click to do something. Sick of it. Have completely uninstalled, purged, rebooted, and reinstalled and it still does it. ???

And that’s about it. I’m gonna go lay down and read a bit.

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