Almost A Lazy Couple Of Days

Tis07Almost. But, there is nothing strange about that: I am retired. Mostly.

Yesterday? Not raining as much. Walking the Dog more. The usual chores. Tried to stay outside some just doing “things.” Had a can of clam/corn chowder for dinner. Went to bed after SWMBO got home from her class. So, a fairly normal Thursday.

Lot’s nicer today! Not one raindrop that I felt and the Sun even made an appearance or two. Walking with the Dog. Tried starting the riding lawn mower but it still has the Winter Blah’s and wouldn’t. Battery seemed to be enough; it just wouldn’t catch. Dog and I made a dump run. He is absolutely NO help emptying the cans. Just stayed in the truck and watched. Lazy Dog.

We got to pick SWMBO up at the QFC tonight. (Usual Friday evening routine.) We be home. She’s finishing up her homework and I’m checking out Ladder Racks online. Spendy! Thinking I need one though. Got a lot of “projects” coming up where I need to transport long boards. And sheets of plywood. And wallboard. And, maybe, my mother-in-law. Who knows.

Looking at the “Smittybilt Truck Rack” @ It’s only $444.99

Has free shipping though. Which is good. Yep, think I’ll splurge and get this one. May have to start parking outside when I have it on the truck though. Hmmm… You know, this might also come in handy if we ever move the in-laws out here too. Hmmm…

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