Yep. Rained All Dang Day.

Jiggly1I know cause I had to get out in it. Made a run to the Naval Hospital drive-thru pharmacy via Habitat For Humanity (where I found a couple of interesting things), the Oriental-looking junk shop (that used to be the crappiest Oriental Restaurant), the Bank (where SWMBO has just about cleared out *my* savings), McDonald’s (for lunch), the drive-thru, and home. Rained the whole time.

And the Dog and I sat here in my room (me busy with “computer stuff” and him complaining about not going for a walk) and watched it rain. And rain some more. Then it rained still more. Most all the snow is gone and our “backyard river” is starting. Again. Still raining too.

Jiggly2Watched the remake of “The Magnificant Seven” and pretty much enjoyed it. Not as good as the original, of course; but not bad.

Caught up the MCARC web-site with a post for our meeting Saturday morning. IF I’ll be able to make it. Wind is supposed to really kick up around here between 0100 to 1100 or so. Predicting power outages from tree’s falling down. We’ll see. I may go splurge on a UPS for the NAS tomorrow. (Don’t y’all just love the way those acronyms just kinda sorta slide off my tongue.) (And I may even know what I talking about!) Still have the banking to do but that usually doesn’t take too long. (Especially since I missed the last meeting and no one has given me any money to deposit or bills to pay.)

Tonight is SWMBO’s class at the Mullinex building so she won’t be home until late. I psuedo-BBQ’d a couple of pork chops, chunky baked taters, and baby lima beans, for dinner. YUMMY!

Was nice getting out of the house today. I should do that more often.

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