“Holy Shit I’m In A Bad Mood!”

Window1bDanged Dog chewed up my headpiece of my CPAP sometime yesterday and I didn’t notice until I went to bed (late). I let him know that I was not happy about that and put him outside to spend the night. I also spent a rough sleeping night waking up trying to catch my breath and working on a headache. And the Dog woke me up @ 0415 this morning banging on the front screen door. (Really!)

So I don’t feel good today. Still pissed. Tired. Weak. Breathing heavy. Heart will start to pounding when I do anything moderately active. Even our walk today was mostly open mouth breathing. Sucks!

Mostly, I need to get over being pissed. Fixed the strap he chewed off (beautiful staple job if I do say so myself). May change his name to “Dipshit” though.

Wow. Second cup of coffee today. @ 1300 or all times. Trying to get rid of this semi-headache, I guess. Want to lay down and take a nap. Don’t dare. Don’t want to wind al21up one of those guys that lays down for a short nap, and never wakes up. (Which is the way I’m feeling right about now.)

Just spent 2 hours getting all the “junkware” and “stuff” off her laptop. Man, she’s gotta learn to read the screens when she’s installing something! You cannot just click OK to everything. She had a bunch of so-so bad crap installed. (Nothing really threatening, I don’t think, but stuff that had to slow her laptop down a shitload.) Now to compress the drive to install Linux! (Dual boot for now.)

Got to pick SWMBO up at the QFC tonight and I actually do feel a bit better. I dont know if thats cause I actually feel better, or just that it’s getting near time for me to go lay down.

Whichever, that’s what I’m gonna be doing here pretty quick.

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