Yes, It Is Saturday Night

But we got home from our Date Night early since SWMBO has some homework to do. Which is okay with me since that “learning” is going to let her do what she wants to do the rest of her life. Which is look up Dead People.

We went to the Panda Inn over in East Bremerton and had the all you can eat thingie. Took only one serving for me to be full! Good stuff, Maynard.

Our usual stop at Walmart. I spent $70 on Blu-ray movies and coffee! Phew. But I really like that Ethiopian coffee blend. I may even spend the $90 they want for a box of it on Amazon next month. Good stuff.

So, we be home. Added the new movies to the database (which syncs with my phone so I can finally start not buying duplicates cause I can’t remember what I have) and looking up bra’s on Amazon for SWMBO. Don’t ask.

Not one of the movies I got has that coupon for the online digital copy unless you go through Vudu. I’m NOT joining another site to store something. I’ve too many places where I have stuff now. I need to consolidate my shit. So, if I get any digital copies I’m sticking with the Google site. (I think it’s Google. Yeah, through Google Play or something like that.)

See, now I’m just playing.

But that’s really all there is for today. More of the usual, I guess. Think I’ll get ready to go lay down and read a bit.

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