Bloody Hell I Can Be Stupid

Left early this morning to go to Eufaula, Ok to visit my grandparents graves. By the time I did a 25 mile “side trip” through and around Paris, Tx I was totally turned around. Then, met I-40 40 miles EAST of where I wanted to be! All to NOT pay a toll. Jeesh!


So I get to Eufaula, park the Caravan, go find the graveyard, and there are thousand(s ) of graves. And no directory. Trying to find where they’re buried I found pictures of their gravestones already on line, so, fuck it. It’s HOT out here, I’m tired, and the Dog hasn’t pooped yet. Yet.


Back to the RV park. Found I had somehow pulled the emergency brake thingie on the Caravan out (I SWEAR everything was unhooked) and the wire broke; so I got to fix that. Now I’ve lost the cotter pin for the hitch grabber thingie. Cannot find it. Will make-do with another one until I can get to a RV shop. Or somewhere one can buy cotter pins of various sizes.

I think I should just head straight home.

But, Man, I saw a lot of back country America today!

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