Rainy Monday Blues

Herc06Drove over to Shelton on MCARC business early this morning. Met the Prez & new Treasurer at the Shelton Catholic School to check out if we can hold club meetings there. Seems like it would work and wouldn’t cost us anymore than we’re spending now. Wouldn’t supply coffee (which is really what we’re paying for at the present place) but, hey, I can live with that.

Then I spent an hour at the Club’s bank that I didn’t need to spend getting the New Treasurer set up to be able to sign checks and stuff. That was okay though.

One the way home I got caught behind someone that could NOT make up their mind how fast they wanted to go. Speed limit or 5 mph under. Hate those people. When we got to a place I could pass her (yep,her) she tried to keep me from passing. She certainly didn’t have any problem with how fast she wanted to go then. Got around her though. Dipshidiot!

Herc15Decided to go ahead and take the Caravan on the trip. Even though the trip with be a day (or two) slower, and more expensive, having all my “stuff” available and already set up without having to unload/load the truck everyday is going to be worth it. Plus RV parks will be about half the price of a motel room with a Dog. And RV Parks don’t care about our Dog as long as you clean up after it. And it’s quiet.

So I spent part of the afternoon getting the Caravan ready to travel. Wasn’t much to do since we pretty much keep it ready to go “just in case.” As in: just in case Mt. Rainier decides to blow the Hell up or we have the “big” one. Gotta mount my 857d in it and I’ll be ready to rock.

Appointment tomorrow to sign the Old Guy papers at the Naval Hospital. Hope I can keep Tricare For Life at least. Appointment Wednesday to get an oil change and standard warranty check.

Damn. Think I’m coming down with SWMBO’s cough.

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