What Wx Wonderful Two Days!

Oh, my. We have literally spent all day outside these past two days. I did so much to the yard (mostly weed-whacking) yesterday that I was almost laid up lame last night. (Gettin’ Old.) After that the Dog and I took off all our clothes and stayed that way the rest of the day. Cool!

Today we got mail checked as early as we thought possible, went for one of our walks around the neighborhood, then jumped right back into gardening stuff and being outside. Moved a lot of things around (that I’ve been meaning to move around) and finished off a couple of the “projects” that I’d started last summer but didn’t get done. They be done now.

And it is WAY later. The MCARC 10-meter Rag Chew went well even with only 5 of us checking in. Good signals all around. Been checking Craigslist for campers and listening to “Longmire” in the background.

I’m gonna go lay down.

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