Field Day Prep Continues. Plus

BCWC001aMy friend (and neighbor up hill) loaned me a small box scraper that he’s had just sitting around his place. Brought it home, hooked it to the rider mower, and went up and down the upper driveway about a zillion damned times. Only got dragged to a stop a couple of times. Driveway looks good.

Nice day out. Got to around 75 degrees or so. Finally hot enough for me and the Dog to take off all our clothes and go for a walk around the back 40. Nice. It’s GREEN back there!

Other than that; Not much. About finished putting stuff in the Caravan for Field Day. Need to go get some gas in the morning and then should be able to get on my way. Cool!

SWMBO is at her class tonight so won’t be home until late. (Late. 2130 or so. Guess that’s late only if your Old. Like me.)

So I think I’ll go and read a bit.

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