Are They Home Made Taco’s?

Or Home Assembled. I did cook the meat, chop the maters & onions & letttuce, grate the cheese, and open the (all important) bottle of salsa; but does that make them home made or home assembled? Either way they was good!


Had to make a run to the store for all the parts though. Actually, made the run to Safeway to get distilled water for my CPAP and buns for my sammiches. It was while picking that up that I got the inspiratiion to make taco’s for dinner.

Luba01-11Not a whole lot else going on. Hasn’t rained much today; but it has stayed cold and somewhat windy. Dog and I took several walks and didn’t get rained on until late in the afternoon. Rain seemed almost icy.

Really enjoying my new Kindle Paperwhite!

Looking at Daleks on Amazon.

SWMBO texted me to boil some eggs for her to make egg salad. Done. She got home and finished off the Taco makings with a couple of burrito’s for dinner.

I’m going to lay down and read a bit.

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