I Know. Been Meaning To Post.

Just haven’t felt like it. Partly cause I don’t seem to do much that deserves posting; and, partly cause I forget what the Hell I was going to write about by the time evening comes around.

Cause I’m Old.

Footprint I saw outside on a cold wet day. Not mine!

About the only thing I can convey is that our Date Day last Saturday went absolutely excellent for me. I was out with my Schweetie. She tookk me to Sister’s in Shelton for my chili-burger then let me spend way too much money at Walmart (A new deep fryer and 4 movies from the blu-ray bin).

She cooked a new recipe from the Chinese cook book we have for dinner sunday. Was okay. (Meaning I’d eat it again. I’m not too big on beef though. Hard to chew.)

Other than that. Just messing around the house and taking the Dog for walks when it ain’t raining (and sometimes when it is). Still learning how to use that convection oven we got a couple of weeks ago. Tried baking a cake in it; forgot that cake batter rises. Can you say “Clean up on aisle 5!”


Been re-arranging and straightening up my Radio Shack. Re-running wires. Trying to get things a bit more organized and working. Still need to send my Yeasu 857d off to the shop but the new Raspberry Pi3 is working great. Set it up with fldigi and some other stuff and ti’s all working great. pskreporter.info said my signal was being heard on the East Coast on 10 watts. Nice!

My DataDrive is going tits-up one file at a time. Managed to copy most everything off it to a backup drive. Ordered two new 4TB drives on Amazon that should be here by Friday. Then I get to re-arrange my computer. Changing drives in Linux is a bit harder than with Windows; but worth not having to put up with Windows. Probably about time for it’s annual cleaning too.

My friend and fellow Ham, Dave Knapp, passed away a couple of days ago. Even though I knew him about 15+ years I can’t say we were close friends; but we hung a few times. I’m not a religious person but, I know for a fact he isn’t suffering from the Cancer anymore. I will miss ya, Dave.

The NMARES Monday evening 2-meter chat Net went well. Good signals all around. Even mine!

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