OMG! I’m A Homeowner!

I can tell cause I spent most of the day working on the front steps (heavy damned manor stone!) or mowing. Well, only got the back yard mowed since I let the mower run out of gas! And none of the 5 5-gal cans had any in them! So that got put on hold until I go pick SWMBO up this evening.


Which I’ve done (since it’s Friday Routine). Got 4 gallons of gas and have put about half of it in the mower and moved it to the back of the house. Not that I’d be really worried about someone stealing it; but why make it too easy?

Busy  week. Wx has been Hot and Cold and points between so we’ve gone from naked to dressed to both at the same time. Rained a bit yesterday. Which was almost nice as it didn’t last more than a couple of minutes.

I sound disjointed tonight for some reason. Could be my blood pressure. 126/66 a bit earlier but my pulse was 102. Hmmm. Not used to this “normal” bp shit.

2018-05-05 20.16.54

Anyway, just wanted to get sorta caught up cause I do forget to post sometimes. If more than a couple of days goes by I forget what I’ve done and everything. Just keeping busy outside as much as possible while the good Wx lasts.

Supposed to be 80+ this weekend! We all know what that means, don’t we! Western WaRshingtonians will be dropping like well cooked flies! Wx weenies!

My 857d is all boxed and ready to be sent off. Got busy or I’d have done it today. Monday! For sure! Really.

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