I Owe Scott Bakula An Apology

I never watched “Enterprise” just because I did not like Scott Bakula. Not a bit. Never saw him in anything, or as any character, that I liked. That “time travel” show he was in? Watched part of one episode and never another. So when “Enterprise” came on, starring Scott Bakula, I never watched a full episode. Nor many parts of any episodes.

Which is why I owe Scott Bakula, and the rest of the cast, an apology. Got the entire series on Blu-ray and have been ripping and converting it to .mkv files for our TV drive on the NAS. And, started watching. And find it a fairly decent show. Even Scott’s part as Captain Jonathan Archer.


About half way through the 2nd season.

Otherwise, not a whole hell of a lot going on around here. Know I haven’t posted; just nothing going on. Been raining a bit (rather hard at times), getting colder, really gets dark early (which totally sucks).

Date Day with SWMBO is still the high light of my week. Yesterday she took me to the all-you-can-eat  Chinese place in Port Orchard. Then our usual stop at Walmart afterwards. She had her 59th birthday this past Tuesday but I can’t tell. She still looks young and beautiful to me.

2018-11-25 09.29.46

Oh, had my Stress Test last Tuesday. Went Too Well, actually. They got me all wired up and on the treadmill ready to go. Started the thing up. About 3 minutes in the thing tilted and sped up and just as I was hitting my stride they stopped it cause they had everything they needed. What? Heart had just sped up (the EKG was looking good too (I was watching)), my breathing was faster but good, not much was hurting knee or foot wise, and I was ready to do another several minutes or so. What do you mean “you can stop anytime now.”? Not one chest pain in all that.

Go figure.

So when I go see my Doc (the Idiot) I haven’t any actual proof that I get chest pains. Ah well. Guess I’ll die a healthy man.

Anywho, want to get this posted so y’all will know I’m still alive and kicking. I’ll get out of this posting funk as the weather improves. I really do need to get off my ass around here.

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