We. Got. Slammed. Snow!

Tree Down At The End Of The RunwayIMG_20190212_084920412IMG_20190212_090410147IMG_20190212_110310690IMG_20190212_111138836IMG_20190212_111142060IMG_20190212_111153145IMG_20190212_124826974

Was lucky I got out of the driveway yesterday evening to go pick SWMBO up at the  ferry landing. Got stuck in the snow when I pulled to the side to let a tail-gating asswipe past me. Luckily a nice young guy helped me get unstuck! Still took an hour to get to the ferry landing and an hour to get back.

Then, my truck was acting the snow plow and I didn’t make it to the garage before coming to a full stop.  Not Going Any Farther! And we had to make it under the downed tree at the end of the driveway. Joy.

So, bottom line: we’re stuck at home for the duration. So I’m cooking a lot.

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