Just Not Feeling Like Posting Lately

tumblr_pcdp4e7JoL1u1b4w2o1_500-removebgCause I got a sore throat and a COLD the very same day the weather turned nice around here. So, for a week now I’ve felt like shit.

And I have no real idea what I’ve been doing except for “things” around the house. Weed-Whacked today. Finally got rid of the carpet that was in the living room. (That took 4 of us to handle!) Made a trip or two into town. Home Depot sold me another $236 or so in flooring.

Made a trip to the Building Department in Shelton to get a copy of the plans for our house. Forty minute drive. Waited in line for 15 minutes. Oh, we throw them away 6 months after completion. Forty minutes back. Laid out in the sun the rest of the afternoon.

But, the bright spot has been the Weather the last 3-4 days. Over 80 degrees so, naked Wx! Cool! Dog and I have been taking off all our clothes and laying out in the Sun and trying to thaw out down to our bones. Nice!

Planning to make some structural changes in the MILA. Take out a wall. Put in a wall and closet. Turn the shower/tub into a walk in shower. Replace the vanity in that bath. I may get a wild hair and redesign the kitchen and do that one cabinet at a time. We’ll see. Had a contractor come over to give me guestimates but I need to find out what’s in the wall I want to remove and we’ll go from there. Of course, the plans for our house no longer exist so that means I’ll have to cut into the wall. Sucks!

2017-07-05 13.53.42

Personally, I’m getting weaker by the week now. Don’t know if it’s this cold (this week) or I have something more systemic going on. My morning walks are getting harder. Sometimes by the time I get to the top of the road I’m ready to go home. Wouldn’t be fair to the Dog though. And I usually complete the mile. And do a couple more during the day by walking the back 40 (especially if it’s warm). But I’m damned sick and tired of being sick and tired. Especially the tired part. I’m only (almost) 67! Fuck!

Had a couple of real killer migraine’s last week. The “Just kill me and get it over with” kind. So I stopped by the local “head shop”l and bought a vape cartridge with 3/1 CBD/THC mix to see if it helps with the next migraine. Last time I took one of SWMBO’s oxycontin(sp?) and I really don’t want to do that again. It worked, but …

Anywho, didn’t make the choir this week and probably won’t make it next. Have no desire to pass on this cold or whatever has my throat feeling so sore. I do enjoy singing with them. Fun! Maybe doing this will get me trained some.

And that’s it. Just trying to catch up.

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