Fook Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg Anyway

2019-06-07 22.44.41Tried posting a simple meme:

And, as you can see, immediately got a 30 day time-out. My second. For telling the truth.

Fuck Zuckerberg. Fuck Facebook. Nazi’s.

I’d make it my main mission in life to bring Facebook down, but, there are a butt-ton of sites and folks trying it already and I can’t see that I’d be any different. Meaning I could spend a LOT of time and money trying to kill off FB, and still not have made any headway at all. So I’ll support those that are already established.

Fuck Facebook & Zuckerman.

Wx is really nice right now and for the next few days. Almost 90 degrees every day! Woo Woo!

Got down and painted the room we made in the basement and am getting it set up for when SWMBO’s Dad comes out for his visit the 21st. Oh, forgot: Was making plans for the MILA and thought it’d be a great idea for him to come out and put in his $.02 worth. SWMBO hopped right on that band wagon and had him a plane ticket by the end of that day. So he’ll be visiting 21-27 June. Just in time for Field Day!

Otherwise, I have absolutely no memory of what the hell I’ve been up to. Saturday “date day” with SWMBO goes as usual: GREAT. Last couple of weeks we’ve been going to Home Depot and buying “stuff.” Lots of flooring. Paint. Lights. Stuff.

VSL DC-3_2

Oh, hired her son to help me finish the flooring in the big room. He did a nice job. We used 25 boxes of that flooring, which makes the floor expensive, but it should last until well after I’m gone. We needed ONE more board to finish! One. So we picked up another box and I’ll get to it later. Right now I’m concentrating to that room downstairs so SWMBO’s Dad will have a place to sleep.

weThat numb area of my right leg has taken to burning at various times. If I sit too long, it’ll start burning. So I get up and walk around awhile, and it’ll start burning. So I’ll sit down, and after awhile, well, you catch the drift. Gotta be some form of neuropathy. Or my degenerative spine disease is kicking in. Or I’m just getting fuckin’ old. The only way to describe it is: you know when the Dentist numbs your lower jaw to work on a tooth? That numb feeling that goes half way up your head? That, but with the edges “burning.” Really uncomfortable. I’ve started taking a cane with me to take some of the weight off my leg when we walk anywhere. Seems to help.

And that’s enough of the Old Guy Shit. If I remember what I’ve been up to and there’s anything to pass on: I’ll be back.


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