Nice Day! Got Out And About

With my Schweetie. Nice!

oooWas just going along as normal but got the urge to stop by Habitat For Humanity. I was thinking the one here in Belfair but SWMBO thought the one in Bremerton would be best.

Kinda sorta was even though I didn’t find what I was looking for (a steel box to mount outside to hold a couple of batteries for my radios). Did find a nice hair to replace one in my shack. $15.

Then took her to Popeye’s to give that place another try. Wasn’t impressed. It was okay but if there was a KFC and Popeye’s next door to each other I’d be prone to the KFC. Like their spices and texture.

We need a Chik-Fil-A around here!

Not a lot else going on. Taking a serious look at my garden and thinking of starting things going there. Got a Inter-State Nurseries catalong in the mail and think there are a few things I’m going to order from them.

Looking at some video I took last Sept. Caught a bit of thunder and lightning! Cool!

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