There’s A Fundamental Difference

Between West Coast folks and everyone else. I say this because: Occasionally, when SWMBO and I are walking around the property, I’ll mention that I MAY rent a digger and take out all the brush and under growth and make our place a bit more park like. She looks at me like I’m from Mars or something. Why?

Well, I grew up in the San Fernando Valley around Los Angeles and our “parks” are level mowed grass with occasional trees. Look up Garvey Park (the park I grew up going to) sometime. (I remember the pool being bigger!)


Aparantly, parks in Michigan, where she used to go for camping from Toledo, look just like our back 40.

Otherwise everything is pretty much SSDD.Hasn’t rained in a couple of days! Yay! My blood pressure is still trying to kick my ass. Not sure if the DBD is working or not. We’ll give it until the end of the box  and go from three.

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