Pandemic–Whatever The Hell Day It Is

Honestly, my life, other than SWMBO being home all the time now, just hasn’t changed all that much. Getting more done around the house than before for some reason. Expecially now that it’s been warmer and sunnier than it has been.

Finally got that OLD stand-up radio downstairs and taken apart. Ready to sand and refinish it. Don’t have any hope of repairing the radio part. Doubt I could even find the tubes. So I’ve got to figure out something else to do with that but keep the external looking the way it’s supposed to.


My Compound Miter Saw tried to kill me the other day. Was making a cut when the screw that holds the blade in snapped. Dang blade started wiggling around and the part that holds the blad on came flying out. Didn’t get hurt but scared the crap outta me! (Figuratively.)

SWMBO and I have been going on our dates on Friday’s but eating in the truck. McDonald’s and I are probably going to part ways. We stopped there last Friday and the total was $21! Turns out the buttermilk sandwich I got was $13. $13! For a not that good sandwich! We could have had a better meal at a sit-down restaurant. IF we could go to a sit-down restaurant.

Car_AeroCommander_XP11 - 2020-01-05 6.18.16 PM

My battery charger/conditioner for the battery that runs my radios went TU yesterday or last night. Spent today running wires and hooking two of my solar Weissmullerapanels into the system. Now I’m really running battery/solar at least for the summer. I’m hoping it turns out.

Finally have everything ready to spray paint the MILA/FILA. Not a whole lot left to do if I get that done. SWMBO has to do the tiling in the bathroom and I’m hoping she’s as good as she says she is.

Speaking of SWMBO: She’s not feeling well lately. Sore and weak and sleeping a lot. I’m worried about her and I was hoping her retirement would be better for her.

Anywho, that’s about it. I don’t update as often as I probably should. Doing other stuff. Or not.

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