Are You Woke Yet?

Lets be honest here, the Example set by the McCloskeys aka the Porch Brigade of Boomerwaffen, is a microcosm for all things totalitarian. In it we can see every single step along the route to damnation. First the mob finds a target, then they attack by other means, forcing the state and powers to be to back them and go after them. Then the state apparatus goes and confiscates their means of defense, then orders them into the cattle car. This is exactly how it plays out time and time again. In their instance they justly defended their property. the DA and the cops in turn listened to the DA and went out and unconstitutionally seized their firearms. Then to watch Mr. McCloskey act completely spineless and defend the cops on Tucker Carlson’s show saying how the cops didn’t want to confiscate his arms and thought he didn’t do anything wrong, reminds me of a point made by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, that he reflected on why he was in the Gulag. You can not lie yourself out of the fate hanging over our heads now. The police will not save you, worse yet they will throw you on to the pyre. You will be ordered onto that cattle car, sent up the steps to the guillotine, shoved into the gas chamber, and deported to the gulag, by someone who doesn’t think you did anything wrong.

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