Clonezilla ClusterFookin’HellGoin’On?

Wanted to clone my Linux computer boot SSD to a larger SSD so I rebooted into Clonezilla. Which I’ve used hundreds (ok, about 20) times and had no problems with. I know what I’m doing. (He said as he stepped off the cliff…)

Set up the source drive (120g ssd), destination drive (250g ssd) and continued. After about 8 seconds Clonezilla told me it couldn’t make a partition on the destination drive. Wha?

So I took the Clonezilla drive out and rebooted. Except it wouldn’t boot. Then it’d boot but reboot. Wha?

So, wound up just replacing the drive and reinstalling Linux xfce. Replace the broken cd drive at the same time. Rebuilding all my software/e-mail, whatever now. Oh, the Joy! Amazing the number of programs I install and use.

Nice out today. Got up on the roof yesterday and got the pole down that was holding my 2-meter antenna at one time. It’s now a cross-member on the top section of my tower ready to fly flags or hold a long-wire. Both probably. That’s all done and my neighbor (the one that bought the 12-ton man-lift “cause I needed it.”) is going to bring his man-lift down next week and help me put that last section up. That’ll be fun!

Otherwise, ssdd around here.

Just tried to make a political comment and failed miserably. Having a hard time with the Democrats/Liberals and the things they’re doing to make President Trump lose this election. Our society has gone so far down the rabbit hole these past 15 years or so. I’m expecting a LOT of violence when he does get re-elected. I just wish we could fight fire with fire. Maybe if we let folks know we won’t stand for their bullshit and will actively fight back they’ll settle their asses down. Someone is going to have to hurt, and hurt bad, for them to get the message.

But we don’t see them in our neighborhood. They know some of us have diggers and lots of property…

Just set up fstab for my local and network drives. Forgot the credentials file. Samba & cifs-utils working. All the directories made locally. sudo mount –a worked! Cool!

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