Cool Dark Wednesday. Get Used To It!

My Ex-Renter.My lovely-young-bride (SWMBO) of danged near 35 years, doesn’t let me climb on the roof anymore cause, somewhere, somewhen, I got OLD. WAY klutzier than I was even 20 years ago. (And I’m not sure if I’m not insured or she just hasn’t got the payments quite caught up on insurance. But don’t tell her my suspicions.)

So, imagine her surprise yesterday when she returned from dropping her friends off at home, to find me 55 feet up in the air working on my tower and antenna’s.

She did not look happy when she got out of the car. But, my neighbor with the man-lift brought it down and we finally got the top section of my tower, with antenna attached, up and bolted securely in place. And, other than one cable being 10 feet too short (damn!) it went well. Even repositioned the security cam I have up there.

Beside, what’s to worry about a 68 year old (me) and a 75 year old (my neighbor) being 55 feet up in the air? What could possibly go wrong?

Noticed that the slimy fuckers in Philly are rioting because a Black man with a knife 222bbcharging the police, got killed. I guess the fact that he HAD A FREAKIN’ KNIFE and was CHARGING THE COPS doesn’t mean anything. No Cop should be made to stand and maybe get killed.

USPS Worker Charged With Dumping Ballots: Yet we’re supposed to trust voting by mail for America. Which I don’t as long as there’s a Democrat alive. I’d almost rather vote by UPS/FedEx than trust the US Post Office. Better yet, let the FBI handle mail in voting since they can’t seem to handle anything else. Or, maybe not.

So get off your asses and take yourself down to vote in person. And don’t let any Democrats handle the collected votes. It’s already going to be (crazy would be an understatement) after the votes cause you know the Democrats are going to contest every vote in every State and drag it out. They’ll steal it if we let them.

Maybe we ought to get out and demonstrate FOR President Trump immediately after the election to show Democrats that we were serious?

I see Cher and Reiner are up to their usual. WHY do any credible News agency continue to give these has-beens print? Oh, wait. Credible News Agency. That’s where I fucked up.

Anywho, SWMBO is off to the Genealogy Library so I think I’m going to my shop in the basement and work on that piece of wood my neighbor gave me. It’s going to make a nice live-edge table/shelf.

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