I Hate Winter!

Or, more specifically, I Hate This Wx We’re Having! It’s not even officially Winter yet.


Last few days have been full of wind and rain. More wind and rain is forecast. Joy.

And this getting dark at 1600 absolutely sucks. Daylight savings? Where the Hell are we saving daylight?

At least they finally got smart with the speed limit over by the school/baseball diamonds. School sits way back from the road and the chance of hitting someone is way low. The baseball diamonds are busy for about 2 weeks n the summer. Speed limit has been 20 the whole way. Not now. They changed it to 35 mph with signs about “20 when flashing.” That makes way more sense. People still slow down going through there though.


See where Herr Inslee has proclaimed even more draconian covid measures. I’m pretty sure he’s out to destroy the economy of this state. I was totally surprised when he got re-elected; sorta. This IS a liberal state. But I was hoping conservatives would get out and vote. But don’t get me started.

Was going to buy me a Struck mini-dozer with attachments but think I’d better hold off on that until I see how badly the Democrats fuck up our economy. Not sure how much money we’ll have left over after they take “their” 86%. SWMBO says WE won’t be targeted but I think she’s living in a dream world. We’ll see. Luckily our RV is paid off and we could always move into it and rent out the whole house. If needed.

Spent half of yesterday repositioning and rewiring my solar panels. Needed to move them to a place more in the sun for longer during the day and put larger wires connecting everything together. Was fun but I got soaked since it was raining.


Ordered a power supply so I can fix my old computer. It’s the only computer I have that my blu-ray drive will fit in. Need the blu-ray to rip any new blu-ray movies we get. My NAS probably thinks my blu-ray throat has been cut since we haven’t bought a move in months. (Haven’t seen anything on the shelves I’m interested in watching/owning.)

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