Well, I *AM* Getting Better. Healing, That Is.

Schtuff-0085bWhich is good. I’ve gotten to the “itchy” stage of the healing process. Which may not sound like a big deal to you, but, when that itch wakes you up at zero-dark-thirty and the non-ignorable itch is up your butt, you appreciate being able to scratch when required in a whole new way.

But, be warned, your spouse/significant other WILL look at you strangely. And ask if you need help. Maybe.

Decided that I *need* to lose weight. About 50 lbs and I can get off the cpap and (probably) the blood pressure meds. But I don’t want to get caught up in one of those “eat right and exercise” scams.

Otherwise, SSDD around here. We’re moving into the “wet” season so it’s been darker (and rainier) the past several days. Doesn’t do my solar much good. Supposed to get around 3 inches between now and Sunday evening. (And it’s supposed to rain too! (Couldn’t resist.)) It is wet out there. Back 40 is getting flooded.

Our Wx At The Moment

Anywho, nothing going on except it’s raining cats and dogs out right now. Got dark about 3 hours ago. Think I’ll find a movie. Or get back into my book. Dead or Alive by Clancey.

Jeez, I hate Winter.

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