Windy & WET WET WET!

One of the Wx Weenies I read says we could get 5″ in the
surrounding mountains through tomorrow afternoon. “The front page
of the National Weather Service’s web page is lit up with almost
every imaginable meteorological warning and advisory.  High wind
warnings, storm warnings, winter weather advisory, high surf
advisory,  flood warnings, and more.”
We’re under a Flood Watch (even living on a hill as I do) and
Wind advisory through tomorrow.
So everything that’s battery powered is plugged in to charge. The
UPS’ are working. (We could keep Internet for about 8 hours (of
use) unless ALL the lines go down.)
It’s so dark out that my solar panels are useless.  Battery is
charged to 13v, and I have spares that are charged, so I could run
my (Ham) radio’s awhile. Lots of trees down across our region.
Several reports of trees down and wires on fire.
So I’m making spaghetti for dinner.
Hey, just another SSDD Winter Day here in the North West.

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