Going Through Some OLD Files …

I find this message from 1989 when we called dBored BBS to get our “e-mail.” We used Relay Internet Mail Exchange (RIME) and would dial up the BBS, upload previous mail reply’s, download a new mail packet, and hang up. We had programs to read and answer the email then would repeat the upload process. (I even managed to do this while I was in Saudi for Desert Storm.)


Date: 12-07-89 (13:08)           Number: 9845                      dBored
  To: STAN KING                  Refer#: NONE
From: SYSOP                        Read: NO
Subj: SHAREHOLDERS WANTED !        Conf: (0) Main Board

I need some help here and will just come right out with it…

As most of you already know, dBored is one of the best boards in the US.  Right now, our hard-disk space is causing a major limitation andthere is nothing I can do about it financially – period.

If I can get PLEDGES totaling approx $3,000, I will install a 700 MB ESDI hard drive that will take us well into the next many years withease.  Without it, things will continue as-is…


What grabbed my attention (again!) is the last paragraph: $3000 for a 700 Megabyte hard drive AND controller. An impossibly huge amount for an impossibly huge hard drive at that time. Wow! Well, my first hard drive was a 32mb hard card that cost $400. How times have changed!

Date Day. Took SWMBO to FPH in Port Orchard for breakfast. Inside dining! Nice! Was good and enough that I brought half of it home with me. Not much to shop for at Walmart so we wound up home way early. This afternoon we went to Taco Bell cause neither of us felt like cooking. We had to bring that order home to eat though. But I still got to eat with my Schweetie.

Playing with virtual machines in VMWare and VirtualBox. Got ReactOS, ZorinOS, WinXP, DOS 6.22 and Hamshack working so far.  Fun!

Already wish it would stop raining.

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