What A Way To Start A New Week!

With a sunny day! Yeah, sunny! Cold and Windy but the Sun is out! I must be part solar powered cause I always feel better when the Sun is shining. I even got out and started weeding the garden and I won’t be ready to start it (gardening) until mid-April. Or late March.

Dog and I went on several walks today. Trying to train for a trip to the Grand Canyon. Looking at things online, there are several long hikes we could tag along on if we think we can make it. I can pretty much walk anywhere or distance needed; but SWMBO might have a problem. So I need to get her to walking more.

Got side swiped by a branch that would have caused a knot on my noggin’ if it had hit square. Sometimes I do wear my hard hat but didn’t today. Didn’t think I’d need it.

Pretty much SSDD around here. Date day last Friday was fun. SWMBO took me to the Mexican place in the Silverdale Mall. Leftovers of whatever it was I had tasted better Saturday evening. Guess it needed to stew in it’s own juices for a day. The only thing I really don’t like about the place is you have to scan a code block on the table and look at their menu on your phone. Not bad except their graphics keep getting in the way of what you’re trying to read.

Isn’t there a football game this weekend? Who cares? Whatever happened to the Hunter Biden investigations? Whatever happened to the Epstein investigations? (Epstein didn’t kill himself, you know. Hey, maybe one day we can say the same of Hunter!)

If masks work, then why the social distancing? If they don’t work, then why are we wearing them? (Oh, because “they” ordered us to! I get it.) I used to be on the Asbestos Medical Surveillance Program while in the Navy because the masks we wore did such a good job of filtering out the asbestos we ripped out onboard ship early in my career. You know, masksĀ  basically like what we’re wearing now. So, if your mask can’t filter out those MUCH LARGER asbestos particles then how in the name of Beelzebub are they going to filter out those micron sized Covid particles? People get mad when I ask them that.

Let me rephrase that: Liberals and Democrats get mad when I ask them that. My 20 years of Navy (Field) Medicine means naught to their heavy training in Women’s Studies and Self-Actualization Through Body Piercings training.

I’m thinking that from now on I will answer “nyet” to the “Are you an American Citizen?” question on anything (garnering more Governmental bennies than real Americans) and maybe even claim to be a Collegiate female athlete so I can share their showers at the local college.

Hey, even us Old Guys gotta have a hobby!

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