Saturday Ramble

I got 8 Pack Ultra Small MP1584EN DC-DC Buck Converter 3A Power Adjustable Module 24V to 12V 9V 5V 3V ($9) and I need to sharpen my soldering skills. Or lack of, that is. But, these things come with a warning that says: Do not use light load (less than 10% of output power) or without load. So, my question is: How The Hell Are You Supposed To Solder One Up And Check To See If You Got It Right Without Maybe Wrecking What You’re Trying To Power?

It’s the simple things. But I really don’t want anything to blow up in my face. Not really into that. Had the battery in my JD 350-D Dozer blow up next to me one day; but not in my face.

But, I like learning new things, so, what the hell. Would the volt meter count as a full load? I only need 5v to power a raspberry Pi3. I think the Dog’s tongue might handle the load. Hmmm…  Might finally get both his ears standing up straight. Poor Dog. He has floppy ears. And no balls.

SWMBO went off to the Genealogy Library today. I did things around the house and started field day on the RV. Really looking forward to picking up the new RV.

Same with Social Security. That’s not an “entitlement” except that we were forced to pay into it our entire working lives and we are ENTITLED to getting that money back. That’s the deal the government made with us. We did our part (under threat of imprisonment otherwise) now the government needs to get off it’s collective asses and honor their part. But don’t get me started.

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