Cold – Overcast. Average For Western WaRshington.

Got rid of finally. Had originally set it up as a place where (Mom’s side of) “The Family” could upload old family pictures to share with the rest of “The Family.” Well, I was the only one that ever did that even after most everyone in “The Family” thought it was a good idea. Figures. Even after multiple posts on FB (before I quit FB). So, oh well. Just another thing I won’t have to pay for now.

Looking for a 32″ tv for the RV. Drove to Walmart (for some other things too) but the “cheap” model ($126) was made by Onn and the picture looked like that setting in the paint programs where you can make a picture look like an oil painting. Would be nerve wracking after an hour. Or half an hour. Whichever came first. So I didn’t get it.

Instead i got in line behind someone who’s card wouldn’t work (even though she tried it 8-10 times) and we (me and the people behind me in line) had to wait while her mother ran (no running there) to the car and get her cash.

Luckily I’m an old retired guy and in no hurry. This time. Then on the way home (the back way) I got behind a shitforbrains in a small pickup truck that would go 5 mph under the speed limit when you couldn’t pas him and 5+ mph over when you could. But, he didn’t know me very well. Three defensive driving courses and 5 aggressive driving courses while in the Navy/Marines and I passed that asswipe anyway. There are some people I sure hope didn’t procreate. Ever. (Yes, I know there are people who feel that way about me, but, too late fookers!)

Wx folks are predicting maybe snow late Friday night early Saturday morning. Sure, and my 85 year old Aunt Sis is a pro-wrestler in her “other” life, Biden is a closet Conservative, and Killary was a plaything for Ice Road Fuckers at Epstein Island.

Been watching a LOT of video’s on YouTube about LiFePO batteries. My present solar panels are kinda big to be hauling around with the RV; but I really want to make the RV as self-sufficient as possible. Just in case. Turns out the battery charger built in to the RV will NOT handle Lithium-ion batteries so I’m going to have to replace that when/if I do splurge for a nice new battery. Of course, being “retired” and pretty much on a fixed income saving up $500+/- for a battery could take awhile. Although I could take it out of my “emergency fund,” cause, at 69 what the hell am I saving it for?! Maybe I should splurge for a couple of those 100 watt systems at Harbor Freight orĀ  COSTCO (or even Amazon)?

Oooooo! SWMBO is bringing dinner home! Cool!

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