Dad Used To Put Me In Tires

And roll me downhill. Those were Goodyears.

Sunday so it’s probably time to catch up.

My semi-famous cousin, James Earl Hollie, who used to sing with George Jones way back when, died last Thursday evening. The times I met him lately, he’s a pretty interesting fella. So I posted the video I took of him singing at the 2019 Family Reunion in Tenn. Hope everyone enjoys it. Posted the others to FB but may combine them and make one big post for Youtube. (Which keeps coming up with “Copyright violations” because of the songs he sings. Songs he sang his entire life.)

Last Thursday I also had the first (of two) Venaseal’s done. They did the Left leg first. Here 3 days later I really only feel anything when I sit down or manually, well, manipulate the area. Otherwise, even my walk feels easier. Like my Left leg isn’t getting as tired as fast. Looking forward to getting the Right leg done sometime after May 20th. Follow-up ultrasound 0830 tomorrow to be sure my leg ain’t gonna fall off.

Wx sure has been nice these past few days. I think it even hit 80 yesterday. Me and the Dog would have laid out but I have to keep this damned sock on my left leg OR ELSE and I didn’t want to tan unevenly. (😛) Love this Wx but still, I could use some rain for a day to get garbage burned.

SWMBO and I like Corned Beef & Cabbage, but the corned-beef we buy at the store are just too big for the two of us. Unless we want to eat it for a week. So, SWMBO bought a can of corned-beef and I’m adding all the fixings (carrots, cabbage, taters) to it and we’ll try that. I didn’t see any actual chunks of corned-beef though. Hmmm…

Man, that corned-beef is smelling good.

Got out and washed SWMBO’s car for her. Didn’t wear the bikini though. Or the speedo’s. Try and get that picture out of your mind! She said I didn’t have to (wash her car), but, you know, sometimes things are more fun when you don’t Have to.

Bought “Eureka” on blu-ray and am ripping/converting every episode as we speak.

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