Cool & Wet Day. In Other Words-Normal.

Gee, according to a letter I just got from “Uncle Joe,” there should be an “extra” $2800 in our checking account now or “soon.” Thanks, Uncle Joe! And thanks to all you racist fellow Americans for contributing towards me getting that “rescue” check. Ah does preciate it, folks! Think I’ll take out a new student loan for a Bachelors in Tiddies Studies and see where that goes. (You’ll end up paying for it cause I’ll die either during the final exam OR when SWMBO finds out I even applied for the program. 50-50 either way.)

Don’t get me started.

Well, the long and winding road I took to health came to an end today. To think it all started with a ride on the Silver Stallion; which got me a consult with a proctologist (who removed some things), which got me a consult with a cardiologist and a chemical stress test (to see if I’d survive the aforementioned surgery), which got me a consult with the Vascular Surgeon (who glued shut two of my main veins (one in each leg)). My final ultrasound (which I kept thinking of as a Sonargram) was today and everything seems to be hunky dory. When I get my knees checked and track down why I get an itchy tingly sensation between my shoulder blades when anyone mentions the great job Biden is doing, then I’ll be able to die a healthy man.

Asked the young lady that showed me into the Doc’s office if I should strip to my underwear? She said “Just stay as you are.” Do you realize how, ah, liberating it is to have a woman tell you to just stay the way you are? I’ve never had that happen before. (She’s probably being drummed out of the Women’s League as we speak, poor girl.)

Getting things ready for our trip. Probably won’t be posting unless I actually log on. Haven’t set up e-mail on either of the laptops (one of which I’ll be taking) since I don’t want to have to merge different e-mail files so I won’t be able to post by e-mail. Which leaves logging on using the usually crappy RV Campground wifi. Which is even way too slow for me. So y’all may have to wait until I get back for a report on our trip to the Grand Canyon. Lucky you! Think it’s time for a “sudo apt update” and “sudo apt upgrade” on both while still attached to our network…

Still up in the air about taking my 857d though. Wouldn’t take up much room but not sure that I’ll even have a chance to plug it in. I’ll probably pack it away though. Just in case. Would be fun to make a contact from out in the middle of nowhere.

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