It’s Another Magic Monday

Gotta admit: I have absolutely no idea what they mean.

Men infused. Sponges. Is that like How many baby’s does it take to make a bottle of Baby Oil? As in: How many Naugas does it take to make a Naugahyde couch? Men infused. Sounds …. Painful at least.

Took a butt-ton of pictures over the last few days with my new phone. My new phone (and pretty much all phones nowadays) takes pictures in .heic format. Really high-def shit. Unfortunately, none of my programs in Linux read/write .heic format. Yet. Had to install a library or two then use the command line to convert them to .png files. Luckily the Kate editor does block mode copy and paste so I made a .sh (like a dos .bat file) and had that do all the typing for me. Glad I was so into .bat files way back when. Yes, I was actually called the .bat man cause I could make a .bat do anything. Ancient skills now.

Went to the NMARESC repeater site today and “helped” with hooking th enew heliax up to the 2m/440 antenna. Holding th erope and passing things up and down to the guy climbing the tower. Didn’t do much, I guess, but every little bit helps. Repeater is sounding good though.

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