Tvoja majka nosi borbene čizme!

If I’m reading my calendar right, it’s Tuesday. Too early to tell if that’s significant or not. Next Tuesday is Moon Day. (Yes, I was alive before we landed on the Moon that’s how old I am.)

After whackweeding the trail around the back 40 yesterday I don’t really feel like doing anything today, but, one must do what one must do. But I think that once the Dog and I have done our morning walk, and all the plants get watered, the rest of the day will probably be a lazy day.

For one thing: I get to pick up the 991 I’m buying from my friend and fellow club-mate today. Which means I’ll have to bring it home, set it up, and make sure it works right. Meanwhile messing up the extensive menu system until I learn what the hell I’m doing. Should be fun though.

Speaking of fun: I don’t text much. Probably less than 25 times a year. And those mostly to SWMBO asking “Where the hell are you?” cause we got separated in Walmart. But I’m thinking of setting it up with a friend and start auto texting (if possible) all kinds of misinformation about the COVID just to give the NSA and the CDC (and anyone else that wants to tune in) something to bitch about when they check our texts to combat false information about COVID.

How much y’all want to bet “Your Masks and bandana’s aren’t effective in stopping virus’ (viri?)” gets flagged?

Welp, Amazon is telling me that my opinion matters so I guess I’ll go give them another ear full.

Before you ask: Your mother wears combat boots in Bosnian.

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