Now I Feel Like Making An Apology Tour For The U.S.A.

Sorry our President is a big piece of shit and all his little turd administration has failed the World. You know, the administration that finds it easier to fight for making your kids wear a mask in school than planning and executing a means to get Americans out of the country (Afghanistan) and helping those who helped us. (Had to specify Afghanistan cause we all know that they’re trying to get all real Americans to leave America anyway. Or just replace us with Illegals.)

Had an appointment with a new (to me) Doc yesterday. Aside from some really dry skin on my upper back and both legs hurting so much I can barely walk after sitting for a few minutes, I’m not in too bad a shape for an Old Guy. Then there’s the whole possible kidney disease, possible disc degeneration, High Blood Pressure grossly obese thing(s) that keeps me up days. Not to mention that my CPAP machine is going TU; which keeps me up nights. Oh, and let’s cut the dose of the medicine that slows your heart down so it’ll remember to beat by 50% cause that might (might) be why you feel tired all the time.

And, BTW, at the clinic, the “personal” cloth mask I keep in my back pocket “just in case,” that they required I wear in their facility, wasn’t good enough. Here, wear this paper one. (Y’all realize that if you can taste a fart through your mask it ain’t doing any good against a virus, right?)

But I still have it easier than all those folks in Afghanistan. I’d love to help them, but, it’s still illegal (and deadly) to shoot the “people in charge” (if you know who I mean). Damned politicians should get out of the damned way and let the Military do what the Military does best: Kill people and win wars. I’ve always thought that the people who vote to get into a war should always be on the front lines. Nancy Pelosi in cammo!

You want more help sent to Afghanistan? It’d be so easy I’m surprised no one else has thought of it. Just claim they’re all Democrats being asked to show an ID to vote and AOC would personally lead the charge to get them out of country and over here.

Personally, I’d get as many of the “good guys” out as possible then turn the rest of it into a glassed over parking lot. All of it. Let the space aliens hiding on the moon wonder what that glow is.

SWMBO, the Dog, and I paid $3.80/gal for gas (15 gals) the other day and went for a “day trip” Northwards. Just driving around enjoying the Wx and sights and each other’s company. Stopped at the John Wayne Marina up near Sequim (pronounced squim or skwim) where the Dog had a blast running into the water chasing rocks that I magically found and threw just for him. What an idiot. But he actually stuck his head completely underwater trying to get those rocks. Then spent time rubbing his whole body in the sand to dry off. Like I said: Idiot.

Otherwise: SSDD around here. You think I’m kidding? At least I haven’t had GERD for awhile.

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