Bought “Bread Machine Baking”

Only to find NO recipes for Baked Chicken at All. What kind of BS is this? Can you bake with the bread machine or not? Good thing it was only $.35 at the junk store. I may even try some of the breads in it.

Finding that things don’t taste as they usually do. Like grabbing a hand full of blackberries while out walking the Dog. None but the really unripe have any taste lately. Even my treasured Turkey Breast sandwich, slathered with mayo on a hamburger bun, doesn’t have the zing it usually has.

So, adding to the constant fatigue and persistent cough I now cannot really taste my own cooking. Oh, The Horror.

From our Gubbermint:

Cough in the post-COVID syndrome

An increasing number of reports describes an array of fluctuating or persistent symptoms experienced by patients for months after recovery from COVID-19. Symptoms include cough, fatigue, dyspnoea, pain, and so-called brain fog (cognitive impairment, including confusion and memory loss), and are associated with a deleterious effect on activities of daily living., , This phenomenon has been termed the post-COVID syndrome or long COVID.

So, lots to look forward to I guess.

Was drizzly on our walk this morning. Good! We actually need rain right now. Of course, by November I won’t care to see another drop of rain ever.

SWMBO’s Doc called me today to give me an update on her. About the same as she said yesterday during our video call. He really liked the idea of our video calls. Says they may help her stay motivated. Says there is reason for good hope but don’t go overboard about it. She could suddenly take a turn for the worse. Which we know. But I like to believe she also could take a sudden turn for the better. One can only hope. And take the meds and do what the Doc says.

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