Well, That Was Unexpected

That “Pulmonary Rehab” place in Tacoma? Turns out to be a Pulmonary Rehab place in either Seattle or Portland. Seattle or PORTLAND!

SWMBO back in          1988 at Black's Beach.Uh, of the two, we’re voting for Seattle. WAY easier to get to. Park in Bremerton, take the ferry to Seattle, walk up the hill (a couple of bus trips actually) to the hospital, and visit for awhile.

At least I’d get to actually visit with SWMBO so the trip would totally be worth it.

Anyway, we’ll find out tomorrow.

Portland would be a hassle but we figure I could park the RV somewhere close to the hospital for a month and have a place to stay after the 4 hour drive down. Being “retired” I could stay as long as I wanted.

But still: Portland. Hey, maybe I’d get to see some BLM asswipes in action? I should take my rubber band gun just in case?

Nada going on around the old homestead. Yesterday was probably the last take all our clothes off and take a tour of the back 40 (and just fookin’ lay out soaking up some rays) so we did. Supposed to start raining for a week today. If it does I’ll get some yard waste burning done. Gotta season my new wok too. Can replace the other 6 lights in the living room (that we don’t really “live” in) if I get really bored but maybe should spread that out over the rainy week.

Those new led lights are nice. They have a switch that lets you choose the “color” of the light. The lowest “soft” setting is way too yellow for me (suffering SAD and all) but the totally “white” light is way too bright and 7 of those on at once (cause that’s the way the previous dipshit owners of the house wired the stupid things) is WAY too bright even for that big room. So, mid-range it is.

One of these days I’m gonna have to rewire this place. I already plan to run a lot of cat 5 cable when I tear out the ceilings of the MILA and basement to rewire for new lights. Wireless is okay, but, nothing beats a wire for dependability. (Fiber would be better and if I ever come across a deal for putting that in …)

Y’all want to know what I really hate? I hate that we get 2 or 3 movies of a series, say, the New Star Trek (or the latest Spider-Man) and then – nothing. Then in a couple of years “they” start them all over again with new actors and “updated” for the new social norms (whether those norms are comic book cannon or not). Really looking forward to the next Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot but that’ll probably be the last of this series. Then the next Wonder Woman series will come out in 2-3 years and will have her “socially updated” to a transgender black man with mobility issues to better fit the demographics of the time.

But don’t get me started.

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