New Software Postulates What Your Face Would Look Like Without A Mask And It’s The Most Frightening Thing You Can Imagine

I think I read that somewhere but am unable to find a link via search. If I stole it: Sorry. If I didn’t steal it: That’s fookin’ funny right there!

SWMBO called last night right around my usual bedtime. We video called for an HOUR! An Hour. We haven’t been on the phone with each other for over, oh, 15-20 minutes since we were dating in Bremerton and I got transferred to Cleveland. Then 2-4 hour calls (almost daily some weeks) were the norm. After 35 years you’d think we hadn’t that much to talk about.

Nice walk this morning. Not raining. Dog didn’t play balloon Dog very often. Which he does every time he sees another smaller animal.

Some the Wx Weenies are expecting On Sunday, the most powerful storm in Northwest history, with the lowest central pressure ever observed in our region, will approach our coast.

So, probably a good thing I got out and tried to over-engineer my solar panels to stay in place. Dude is talking 40-50 mph gusts inland. Of which our house is an active participant. Inland. We’ll see how it turns out. Checking all the trees around the house also to guess if any will be blown over. IF it gets that bad. Sometimes the Wx Weenies don’t zactly know what they’re doing.

Dinner Tonight
Now it’s starting to rain pretty good. And windy already.
SWMBO just called. They lowered her O2 to 60/40. Cool!!

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