Slow Saturday. No Park. Not The 4th Of July. Damn.

There was a town “back East” somewhere a few years ago that had no laws against public nudity (which is as it should be). The teens used to gather sans clothing in the town square or shop the local shops (according to the reports). Until the Old Farts showed up naked. Laws got changed real quick. Thanks, Old Farts. Ya fucked it up again. Although that does seem kinda ageist of the town …

Saturday. Again. Cool and kinda wet on our walk this morning. Was a nice walk though. Not too cold …

SWMBO is doing better. Her last ABG was up. Today they’re going to lower the amount of O2 she’s getting and see how she does. Told her as long as they didn’t use a pillow and weight to lower the amount of air she’s breathing that would be okay with me. (Visions of Grandpa in my head and all.) They gave her some Prednisone the other day and her chest x-ray was improved and think that it might have kick-started her lungs to heal and work like they’re supposed to. That would be nice.

She enjoyed the Blu-tooth headphones I had sent to her. Another friend (since I am a friend also (probably)) sent her coloring books and 159 crayons in just about all colors. You can tell she (SWMBO) is getting bored with being in that one room for so long, cause she “organized” all the crayons by color. Or she has a sick mind. Ya places yer bets and ya takes ya’s chances! It’s 50-50 right now! The woman can’t organize her “sewing room” for beans … 😂

Trying to get her Windows 10 laptop to run a bit faster. I haven’t forgotten most of my Windows knowledge and skills; but they have to be dredged up now since I’ve been using Linux these past 5-6 years. I still believe Windows in any shape or form is a virus. If I can get her Roots Magic program to take input without having to click in a box and hit ctrl-v real (real!) quick, I’ll switch her to 100% Linux. So far that program and something called “sniping tool” are the only two things blocking that. She’s a real stickler for “I want it to do what I want it to do!”

Oh, sure! They want you to celebrate International Observe the Moon Night. Unless that moon is up a skirt on National No Panty Day (2021-06-22 this year). Priorities, People!

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