SSDD Sunday

Turns out, I’m the end product of the times I grew up in.

Opened a new container of chicken broth. Checked the top as I usually do for tampering. Sure enough, the tin foil thingie was pushed in like someone had pushed it with their finger. I know I didn’t open it because 1) I got it to use in a turkey dinner experiment I hadn’t gotten to yet (today) and 2) I always pull the damned things off from the top and NEVER just stick my finger in it. (Who knows where my fingers have been!?)

So, down the drain it goes.  Disposal had a bit of a problem with the plastic cap. (Just kidding.)

Minor sprinkling/misting on our walk this morning. Only did half of the walk cause I didn’t feel like doing the whole thing today. I was still awake at 0300 and when I did finally fall asleep I woke up at 0700. Still tired.

So, got a turkey breast and am going to try to cook it in the Instant Pot. Put in chopped celery, chopped onion and some other seasonings. Added a bit of that “smoke” stuff from when you smoke meats. Couple of taters. A tin foil wrap of dry dressing (that I’m thinking will soak up the steam during cooking). Salt. Pepper. Butter. Garlic. Chopped radish(s).

IF it works out that’ll be dinner tonight and should slice into sandwich meat for the rest of the week. Or two. If this works out maybe I’ll be able to get away from “processed” turkey for my lunch sandwiches. Although, honestly, every meat you prepare and cook is “processed.” Home made just doesn’t have all the chemicals “they” add to preserve. Except I just added that “smoke” chemical. Hmm.

But I’ll get to use my new meat slicer again. Joy. 😛

One of my friends came over to help me with getting my ladder rack back on my truck. Neither of us could lift very well so we opted to get his big, strong, hulking son down to help us tomorrow or the day after. Getting Old sucks. Getting Old and the covid weakness sucks more. 

Turkey turned out okay; but it wasn’t turkey breasts. It was a lump of some white meat and a lot of dark meat and I guess they de-boned a turkey and stuffed what was left in a bag and froze it. Was tasty but neither SWMBO nor I like the dark meat. Guess I ought to pay attention to the package when I shop.

She’s called twice today and doing as well as can be expected; I guess. We got to share dinner via video call. Nice. Still wish she were home. The PA that saw her today was hopeful. (But aren’t they always?)

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