Still A Whole LOT of SSDD Around Here.

THAT was a strange memory. Back in 1967/8 we used to get 3-4 people per car and just cruise up and down 4th Ave (the main drag) in Yuma on Friday and Saturday nights. One evening the guy a couple of us were cruising with flicked his smoke out the window, but the wind blew it back, and it went right down the inside of the front of his shirt. He sideswiped a parked car trying to slap that butt out! Kept on going. I can’t remember that he ever got caught or any of us snitching on him. Later I got a girlfriend with a car and started cruising with her. I was one of the lucky ones. Girlfriend.

And why I would remember that at almost 70 can only be attributed to random firing of synapse’ on a cold, lazy, day.

Raining out so the Dog and I are pretty much stuck inside. He’s being lazy and just laying in his chair behind me missing SWMBO trying to turn him into a cat.

I spent a good part of the day “doing things” around the house but mostly in my office. Trying to get rid of the clutter. Also finding a lot of things I didn’t remember I even had. Which is not always a good thing. Beginning to think I have too much “stuff.” What am I to do with a small box full of our old phones? Anyone need a Blackberry? Only replaced because it wouldn’t update anymore.

Had to tear apart and rebuild the same computer I rebuilt the other day. Hard drive went TU. So I put a 500G SSD in it and reinstalled Linux Mint and upgraded that to 20.3 (or something like that). So far it’s working good but I haven’t actually tried what I rebuilt the thing to do. Did install Stellarium and, if it weren’t cloudy and raining, I could look south and see Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn in the night sky. But, I live in the Northwest so that’s not happening.

AND I just had to reinstall Mint again. Last time I let it upgrade to the latest version where everything BUT the program I wanted to work, worked. Only thing I could figure was VMware didn’t like the upgrade. So I wiped it and started it over again. It’s not hard; just time consuming. If I was smart I’d get it all set up how I want and make a disc image to rebuild with. IF I was smart. IF. I. Was. Smart.

SWMBO is down to 40 O2 @ 30 liters and really working on being able to come home. If she can get to 10 liters she can come home. We’ll know how it’s going after her ABG tomorrow. I can tell she’s starting to get a bit discouraged. Wish I could go and hold her hand. That would help us both I think.

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