It Rained Like A … Like A … A … I Don’t Know. But It Rained Pretty Hard Last Night Just Before Bedtime.

Yesterday I finished this book about what it could be like after an EMP takes out America.

Woke up this morning at zero dark thirty to see our bedroom clock blinking 4:39. Hmm, must have had a power glitch.

Woke up a bit later unable to breath cause my CPAP wasn’t working. Clock was blank and I couldn’t hear SWMBO’s O2 machine in the big room like usual.

This is foreboding.

So I got up. Unable to make coffee so I popped the top of a nice, cold, Dr. Pepper from the garage. Gotta have that caffeine.

Turned my 2-meter/440 “scanner” Icom-2000 on and it worked; so no EMP. This time. Or: Yet.

Thank goodness.

Heard a few “power lines down” reports so I guess it got kinda windy. Not unusual around here this time of year.

Still. I might be being “prompted” to get my “prepper” shit together. Right now SWMBO and I could eat comfortably for about 6 months; with some rationing. I should probably finally buy that freeze dryer and extend that to a couple of years.

And figure out how to blow the Tacoma Narrows bridges. If needed.

Stopped by Walmart the other day and forgot to get some things. CROWDED! I was in the check-out line longer than it took me to shop.

Went to my Cardiologist appointment yesterday. He “thinks” my heart is probably fine (without once listening or thumping my chest) but will order an echo-cardiogram “just in case.” But looking at the results of the one I had last year, and the chemical stress test, he said my results were excellent and he’s not expecting any problems.

But he didn’t have the covid. So, we’ll see.

Anyway, it’s pretty obvious power came back on. Time to shower and take the Dog for our morning walk before making breakfast. I may just take us out for that since we want to make an early run to WinCo for those things I forgot at Walmart the other day.

I’m wondering what I can forget to get today?

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