Police confront nudist sunbathers over not wearing face masks amid coronavirus outbreak

Which was a real headline, BTW. Nice to know I can still air out my junk as long as I wear a mask. Even 10 years ago it would have been illegal AND (probably) a sex crime to be naked in public in a mask.

But y’all ain’t seen nothing yet! Wait until the “Monkeypox” measures are slammed in place. COVID will seem like a cold or something. Wait …

I did hear a police call the other day where the Officer on-scene reported “She’s completely naked now and still talking to someone who isn’t there. I can’t get any response from her.” Some people get all the good calls.

How times have changed! I “grew up” with 720k floppies. Then 1.2mb. Backing things up was a real pain. Used a program (called “Fill” appropriately) that took a directory of things to be copied to floppy and filled each to capacity if possible. Had hundreds of the things in sorted boxes.

Hell, my first “IBM Compatible” was a twin floppy Hyundai XT. (640k ram. CGA monitor. Four colors whether you needed them or not!) Started out with a Vic-20 then C-64 and the external floppy drives for those were nightmares. But one upgraded from the tape drive as soon as one could!

So, where have times changed, you ask? I just looked at a directory of video files (CSI Season 5) that came out to an astounding 41.6 GIG and thought “That’s not so bad.” (Haven’t been run through Handbrake yet which will bring it down to about 15 gig or so.) 41.6 Gig &”Not so bad.” Wow.

Went out yesterday and bought a Tractor. It’ll be delivered Thursday. Basic with a bucket and backhoe and a 3-point hitch connector thing. A bit bigger than I wanted/needed but anything smaller really had no attachments or any real power to get those (slightly) bigger jobs done. Diesel. Of course, my neighbor up-hill will get on about “You shoulda got this and you shoulda got that.” Which would work great for his 60+ acres. But I have only 3.2 acres and don’t need a BIG tractor. I need something that’ll mostly keep a 70 year old guy from having to pick up a shovel to move some dirt or drag a downed tree out for chopping up. Semi-annual driveway care. You know: Stuff!

I think it’ll be fun. $22.5k worth of fun; but fun. And what the hell else am I going to do with my money?

So, got it today instead of tomorrow. Cool. Now, what’s the first job I’m going to do with it?


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