Seattle Port Authority Finds 50 Barrels Of Gas Hidden In Shipment Of Cocaine. No Video At 2300.

Yeah, I know.

Youtube took down a video of mine of my grand-daughter operating my digger about 10 years ago. Child safety rules or some other liberal bullshit thing. Bet y’all can still find video’s of kids skateboarding off cliffs or down stairs or such though. Couldn’t win if I fought their decision, so, why bother? (So I did anyway. Still took it down.)

Tracked my NAS problems to drive #1. Took it out, re-partitioned and re-formatted it and stuck it back in. Seemed to work until the next time I rebooted the NAS. Had to do the “pick a raid type and reformat.” But, so far, it seems to be working like it outta.

So SWMBO bought me a 8TB drive at COSTCO the other day and I’ve been copying all our content to it and will glue a raspberry Pi4 to it’s side and use it as a NAS until I decide to rebuild the original or not. Meanwhile my computer has spent a couple of days copying “stuff” to the old NAS to try and break it again. If it doesn’t break then it’s probably safe to use. With backups made at least weekly now.

I can learn.

July 22. 0900. Took dog for our morning walk. Needed sweater. Global Warming is going to kill us all!

So, got clumsy yesterday (23rd) trying to teach SWMBO how to use the rider-mower with the land-leveler(?) I borrowed from my friend up-hill. Was standing on the leveler-thingie when she popped the brake and took off. I started to fall over. Cause I’m not 20, co-ordinated, nor any means suddenly graceful by any definition of the word. I’m Old.

But, I did recognize that if I didn’t DO something I was going to fall under the thing and probably wind up with a mangled leg (or two) so did what any over weight outta shape old guy would do: I jumped sideways. After twisting and falling (forever!) I solidly impacted the Earth with my ass. The pain in my coccyx was immediate; but NOT as, what’s the word I’m looking for?, excruciating as the pain in my kidney areas. Yeah, that word. Perfectly describes the double tap to the kidneys.

Not to mention that my lovely-young-bride of 37 (or so) years finally made it to the end of the driveway, turned around, and came back only to stop and laugh as I barely breathing writhed (yes, writhed!) around on the (mostly) grass of the front lawn. That hurt almost as much as the fall; the fact that the lovely-young-thing I married, the object of my total affections, She Who Must Be Obeyed, stopped and laughed at my misfortune. While I was still misfortune-ing.

So, didn’t actually break anything, but, did spend the night hopped up on (the wonder drug) Ibuprofen with a heating pad strapped to my upper ass and got almost no sleep. Barely managed to not call for help to get up and go pee. Which happens fairly often in an old guys night.

Still hurts today. Even thinking about pooping makes my back hurt. I’ll be checking for blood in my urine for the next couple of days anyway.

So, I haven’t accomplished anything outside that involves riding anything and not much more inside other than cleaning the fridge out (cause I GOTTA do something!) and getting the next load for the freeze dryer ready. Hurts so much to get up I try not to sit or lay down unless I really need to.

Ah, well.

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