I Hate Cleaning Out The Freezer And Finding People I Don’t Even Recognize

So, anyone know when Summer will arrive?

I mean, I know the first official day of summer is 21 June, but, Wx wise when the Hell is summer going to get here? Tired of wearing my coat on my walks and using a “summer” quilt.

June 21st (in a few days). Wow. Got married the first time 50 years ago; days before my 21st birthday, in a random spot at Tilden Park in Berkeley, Ca. Freaked a bunch of picnickers out. Bunch of cars pull up, people get out and gather near a tree, and have a marriage ceremony. I think we even dodged a couple of frisbies. Well, we lasted 11 years when we should have just had some great sex for a night and gone our separate ways. Would have made both our lives way less complicated. (But then, circumstances wouldn’t have led me to SWMBO who is the best person to ever happen to me.)

Pretty crappy outside yesterday so I did things inside. Replaced a boob light in the coat closet with a LED light we took out of the MILA. Hooked up my auto-tuner to one of my HF antenna’s. Started 35 ice cream sandwiches to freeze drying. (Would have been 36 but, well, one died for the cause.)

About 1400 I got kinda lazy and watched “John Wick Chapter 4” on the big tv in the living room and that took almost 3 hours (with pee breaks. My old bladder likes the pause button). I do like that sound bar we bought with the tv though. Makes it more of a “theater” experience. The Dog doesn’t come into the living room with the sub-woofer going though. It doesn’t appear to hurt him but he doesn’t like the vibration (or something).

Then, back to the grind: dishes, some laundry, dinner (batch-it night since SWMBO works the genealogy library and there’s no telling what time she’ll get home). Can of Nalley’s Beef Stew cause I got really lazy.

When she did finally get home and had a bite to eat, we sat and watched “Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania.” And that took us up to bedtime.

Pretty lazy Saturday. It’s a rough life. Someone’s gotta do it.

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