What Were YOU Doing 60 Years Ago Today. I Was Sitting In The School Hall Waiting To Get Bitched Out …

For being in a fight when someone came out (crying) and told us to get our asses (that’s a quote) back to class cause the President had been killed. You know the news is bad when the adult cries. As an 11 year old kid the only thing I got bothered about was wasn’t this funeral EVER going to get over with? It was all there was on TV all the time.

Feel differently about it now though. Standing by for an onslaught of “new” theories, conspiracies, and outright “we don’t really know but we’re going to tell  you anyway” talking heads tonight. Glad I don’t watch regular TV anymore.

Not a whole lot going on around here. Getting things “straightened up a bit” for guests that should be arriving tomorrow. Need to sweep and swab the kitchen and my part will be oh so not done.

Made a dump run. Need to make a Habitat run. (Or call their truck.) Faith-In-Action run could be in my future also.

Bought two turkey breasts (which would equal 4 turkey breasts wouldn’t it?) and thinking of trying something “different” with one of them. Maybe use Mesquite rub in the seasonings. SWMBO doesn’t eat cold turkey so I can pretty much do what I want (that won’t get me jailed or divorced or placed in a mental “institution”) with the other. Hm-mm. The possibilities …

I do like a cold turkey sammich with LOTS of mayo though. The only good reason to have Thanksgiving sometimes.

Anywho, hope all y’all have a good, and peaceful, Thanksgiving.

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