Ready For Some Blasphemy? I Actually Like Star Trek: SNW BETTER Than Any Other Star Trek

Even though it slightly changes the timeline and all the major characters have more interpersonal relations than the series we’re all used to (Star Trek) showed. Watching the original Star Trek leaves one, uh, lacking as far as crew interactions now.

Didn’t like Discovery at first; it was their version of Klingons that put me off. Looked like some kind of fish-person. And while I have nothing against fish-persons, as long as they’re fried, those particular Klingons put me off the show. Until the next couple of seasons came out. Binge watching cures a lot of ills. Pre-ordered the next season already.

And, yes, I even enjoyed Picard.

Nice weekend. New fridge is working. SWMBO has things in it where she wants those things to be. That’ll be the last of that. Hopefully.

Got so busy cleaning the old fridge, and the kitchen, that I forgot to go get a longer section of water tubing for the new fridge. Gee, now I’ll have to do it Monday on the way home from my PT appointment.

Did I mention that at my meeting with the Audiologist last week she put a beach in my head?

I have significant ringing in my ears. We were hoping the hearing aids would help with some of that. Nope. Seems to be getting worse.

Mentioned that at my appointment today and she says “Hold my beer.” (Or something to that effect.) Clicks a few buttons on her display of my aids and, wow, ocean sounds. For a guy that grew up in Southern California near the ocean and spent 20 years in the US Navy, it’s pretty okay.

Not really doing much for the ringing; but it sounds pretty. She did say that it could take some time for the treatment to seem like it’s working; so I’m not stressing about it right now.

A year from now? We’ll see.

After my audio appointment I stopped by Walmarche for some of those potato patties SWMBO and I like with our breakfast. They used to cost about $1.10/pkg but now are $3.45/pkg. For potato patties. WinCo has them way cheaper but theirs SUCK. Maybe I ought to make these myself? Hmmm…

Anywho, $113 later I got out of there. Not for patties only. A case of quart canning jars. A case of 1/2 gallon canning jars. Desalinator stuff for the Kurig. The latest Aquaman movie (WAY too long but visually stunning). It all added up.

A friend is sending me one of his old Drone’s. Thing cost him a couple of grand a couple of years ago. I haven’t had much luck with drones around here. Too many trees to run into. And the house. And my truck. The Dog once.

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