Starlink Died. No Internet For 5 days. It Was The End Of The Fookin’ World!

Well, I guess part of that is a lie. We could only get Internet on our phones. I live 3 miles outside town on the edge of a forest where we usually get only 1/2 bar. IF we’re lucky. So, even though I can see e-mail on my phone, answering an e-mail takes so long the thing times out. So, yes, basically 5 days without Internet.

OMG, it was rough!

SWMBO kept wanting to ‘talk’ to me.


Starlink was pretty good about shooting us a replacement cable fairly quickly and that fixed the problem. Now I get to climb back on the roof and put the antenna back up. OR I could just leave it on the deck railing (since it’s working there as we speak). The two climbs I made to the roof the other day proved to me that I’m not as comfortable being up there as I once was. At least not until my left leg gets a bit stronger.

SWMBO keeps telling me I’m almost 72 (believe me, I know!) and should maybe hire someone to do my climbing …

Wx the past week has been windy or rainy or windy and raining. Today its sunny, 65 degrees, and nice so I got out and mowed the lower front and back yards. Weed whacked. About to move some boards from under the deck to get them out of the way.

New plastic decking came in. Home Depot driver bitched about not being able to back his semi down the driveway/hill and he had trouble navigating those 22 16ft “boards” to the lower driveway with his forklift thingie. Said something about we should have requested a ‘short bed’ truck; an option that was never mentioned to us when we bought the things. All in all an unpleasant individual.

Anywho, gotta get on those boards. Will catch up more later.

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