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Jan 01

Happy New Year Everyone. Be Safe!

Think I’ll finish this YouTube Documentary on the Volkswagen: The People’s Car of Nazi Germany | War Factories | Timeline and go to bed.

SWMBO and I have a bet on which neighbor will fire more shots into the air tonight.

Man, I hope 2022 turns out better than 2021 has been.

This Is NOT A Joke!

Dec 28

Headlines We Want To See: Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer Sex-Party Murder-Suicide! Hillary Still NOT President.

You know what I’m missing right now? Going up to the other property (7.5 acres on the side of a hill out in Tahuya), taking all my clothes off, climbing into my JD-350 Bulldozer, and moving some dirt. Making a new road.

On a nice day, of course. Man, that was fun!

Sometimes I miss that almost as much as I miss smoking. Sometimes. And I quit smoking about 9 years ago. Still occasionally reach for my pack of smokes though. And at the weirdest times.

Rebuilding my system was the worst for that. Set the computer to doing “something” and go outside for a smoke. THAT’S the way it’s done! The way real Tech’s do it. I know. I used to be a real Tech.

Glad I got out of that. The smoking part. And mostly the Tech part too. Except for SWMBO’s computer every computer is voluntary. Any “work” I do on a computer for anyone now comes with a disclaimer: 5 days from now I Don’t Give A Fuck. If it suddenly “doesn’t work” on the 5th day after I play with it; well, it just doesn’t work. And y’all really take your chances with the 4 days leading up to that.

I’m Old and Retired so: Fuck You.

SWMBO was asleep on the couch for way too long today. Not feeling well. Finally got over and checked her O2 and it was at 48. 48! So I got her up and on her O2 generator at 4 liters per minute. She got right back up to 96 pretty quickly. Thank goodness. Won’t let her lay around like that again; I can tell you. Her pulse is still 110 though even though she’s laying down. Not sure if she took her meds today or not. Think I’ll go find out…

AND that was a few days ago. Got kinda busy getting everything ready for Christmas. Which went well. Did I mention that I got rocks? Nine pounds of fancy rocks to run through my polisher. But now I gotta get my tumbler fixed. Thinking of getting a small 12-volt motor and letting one of the solar panels run it during the day. All Day. Maybe mount it all back by my neighbors-From-Hell so they get to hear it. All Day.

Finally really snowed the 26th. We got 6-12 inches depending on where you stand on the property. I ran the truck up to the main road a couple of times to be sure the snow was packed enough for us to get out if we had to. SWMBO got her little KIA out yesterday for her trip to the Genealogy Library in Bremerton so I guess that worked. (Packing the snow down.) Got another dusting last night and supposed to get a lot more this Thursday.

And that should do it for Winter. Anytime Global Warming wants to kick in to where we can all take off our clothes and lay out in the sun is ok with me.

The NAS backup finally finished. Seven days total! Just over 8 TB of “stuff.” Think I’ll put the backup drives out in the RV for a bit of “off site” storage. Probably safer than sending them to my friend in Pennsylvania to keep for me.

Dec 27

My Christmas Was Excellent Since I Got To Spend It With SWMBO Again!

Started with about 2″ @ 0530 today. This was about 1100 or so. Dog had a blast on our walk! He purely loves the snow.
Still involved in post-Christmas Dinner Clean-Up but finally at the last of it. Looking forward to that left-over Ham for sammiches for lunch.
And that’s pretty much it. Lazy post-Christmas Sunday. Not many chores done. No politics. No Drama! Just taking it easy and wishing y’all the best. Be safe going home!

Dec 25

Hope All Y’all Have A Really Great Christmas. Think I’ll Go Roast My Nuts By The Open Fire. LGBFJB

Now that we’ve killed you, we want to save you: Single Dose of China‚Äôs Ad5-nCoV COVID-19 Vaccine Is Safe and Effective in Phase 3 Trial.Seems only fair that since they infected us (and the world) with the COVID that we should let them vaccinate us against it now. NOT! I’s sooner trust Democraps to actually want something good for America first. (Which means that’ll never happen.)

And Anti-Gun Democraps are loosing their fucking minds cause they don’t know if they should do their regular anti-gun whining or be glad it was there and used: The husband of the high-ranking Democratic Illinois lawmaker who was carjacked this week used a legally-owned gun to fire shots at the alleged carjackers, according to multiple reports.

Non-Compos-Mentis: “Let’s go Brandon, I agree,” Biden responded. (Which makes my Christmas all the more merrier!)

Have a great day!