Nov 17

Almost A Lazy Sunday.

Had trouble getting to sleep last night so I’m not in my best mood, or form, today. Feel a headache coming on. Crap! Tried to GERD last night. That sucks!


Did get off my duff and finish the flooring in the kitchen. Looks nice. Fridge and trash compactor are back in place.

Dinner’s cooking (Spaghetti & Meat Sauce). 2001: A Space Odyssey for background noise.

My neighbor, Walt, came over for awhile for us to look online at laptops. He wants the best laptop he can get for $1000. Should be able to find one for under that price that will do him just fine. He is WAY not a power user.


Damned Headache! Really putting me in a rotten mood. So bad I don’t even want to hang around myself!

Nov 16

Gonna Be A Busy Saturday!

SWMBO is going to take the truck to the Genealogy Library today and stop by Home Depot on the way home and pick up 10 more boxes of flooring. That means I have to get off my lazy old ass and move everything out of “my” room, pull up the rest of the old flooring and get it prepped for the new flooring. Today. Where am I going to put all the crap still in my room? (Our house is a mess.)

2013-11-15 16.55.52

And the fan in my computer has started making a noise that’s not normal. Hope it’s not the power supply! Fan would be easier, and much less costly, than replacing the power supply. Guess I’ll have to open it up and see. (I’m already on the 3rd power supply for this thing!)

2013-11-16 12.23.38

Ok. Old tile is out, floor swept and just waiting for new tile to put in. Gotta get a couple of sheets of wallboard in before putting the new flooring in. Will have to do that when SWMBO gets home…

2013-11-16 12.24.11

SWMBO is bringing home the Safeway Chinese Dinner thingie so at least I don’t have to cook. That’s good today.

Ok. Dinner’s done. Just spent an hour standing in the kitchen talking about the kitchen and stuff. Making plans. Bouncing ideas off each other. (Smooching!) Planned Monday out and we’ll go from there.

Nov 15

It’s Another Frantic Friday!

Steven from Home Depot came this morning and did his drawings and measuring for the resurfacing of the kitchen cabinets. Only a few questions for me; that I answered with “Well, that’s what she wants…” Plain doors/drawer fronts in Maple (I think).

Hanover Maple Natural

Now I’m moving my saws up from the basement to the garage so I don’t have to run down and up stairs every time I want to cut a board. Since I’m going to be using half of the garage I guess I ought to park outside until the job is done. Ah well.

Well, that was interesting. And tiring. Which seems to be the norm for me lately; feeling more tired out after exerting myself. Sometimes short of breath. I really did smoke way too long! And I really don’t “exercise” enough even though it seems I’m always busy around the house or going for walks. Probably don’t exert myself enough. And we won’t even talk about my being overweight! (I SAID we won’t talk about it!!)

Both saws are set up in the garage on a stable temporary table and ready to rumble.

Several Hours & Almost 5 Boxes of Flooring Later!

Several Hours & Almost 5 Boxes of Flooring Later! I’m Tired!

Nov 14

Kinda Busy Thursday.

Forgot to tell y’all that SWMBO and I came within a couple of inches of taking out a LARGE Deer on the way home last night. Had to swerve into the oncoming lane. Luckily there wasn’t oncoming traffic that close! We hoped that those heading towards us, and those following, saw what I did and slowed down and the Deer got across the road safely.

Kind of a busy day. Left the house about 0930 for Blockbuster and their “going out of business” sale. Bought a Blu-Ray “Resident Evil: Afterlife” ($8) and a couple of cheesy shakers thingies for popcorn. Been watching the “Resident Evil” series while waiting for SWMBO at the Ferry Landing.


Went and paid our electricity bill and set it up where they’ll automatically deduct what’s due from our account. We gotta pay it so it might as well be paid easily.

Went to the Vape shop in Bremerton and talked with the girl for awhile about a better Vape system. Actually, a better yet inexpensive Vape system. I’m tired of the atomizers I ‘m buying lasting anywhere from an hour to a week. Some consistency would be nice! So I wound up buying another type of tank with a different “atty” system. We’ll see.

Then it was off to Home Depot in Silverdale for 5 boxes of flooring. I did the perfect example of “man-shopping” there! Went in, loaded the boxes on a cart, checked out, loaded the truck, went home. That’s Man-Shopping! Hampton Bay Brilliant Maple Laminate Flooring. $1.39 sq. foot. I need too many square feet!

WAY Lots Better Than The Ugly Gray Stuff We Had On The Floor!

Spent the rest of the afternoon spreading the new flooring around trying to figure out how I want to proceed on laying the flooring. I don’t know. I have the feeling I should just do all three rooms at the same time. Would be a lot easier. Think I’ll wait on SWMBO and get her thoughts…

Supposed to be a storm moving in tomorrow.