May 28

My Goodness! 80+ Degrees

And I’m loving it. So, of course, I spent all day outside. Got most all the whack weeding done. Moved my 2-meter/70cm antenna 5 different times trying to get a good signal in and out. Really didn’t sit around much. Seemed to be always doing something. Which is good.


Head started pounding only on the right side about half way through whack weeding. Started going away around 1700. Gone now. Just in time for the NMARES meeting. Cool!

Said meeting went okay. Not a lot of “radio” talk; but a good get together. SWMBO called at the end of the meeting wondering where I was. Hey, my insurance is paid up so don’t worry!


And that’s pretty much it. Nice day spent outside as much as possible in some really nice weather. And only TWO new bug bites! What a day!

May 19

Sunny. Hot. Outside. Heaven!

Made an early run to Target in Silverdale and bought myself one of those lounge thingies so I can tan my ass. So, after weed whacking the animal yard and the trail around the back of the property, that’s just what I did. Just doing what I can outside as much as possible because it was Sunny & Hot. That was pretty much my day.


Sometimes being “Retired” can be okay!

May 09

My Schweetie Is The Best!

Today was pretty much just like yesterday for the most part. Nice outside. Scooped up all the rocks I’d raked into a pile (last year) and got them in the rock garden. Mowed the front front yard. Mowed the trail to the back of the property. Sat out in the sun as much as possible.

Dragon War's

SWMBO got home around 1500 and took me to Famous Dave’s rib place in Silverdale for early dinner. I had the smoked turkey plate. It was good. Very filling though! Then we stopped by Target so she could look for new pants. I found a lounger I’m going to get later this month.


Then our usual stop at Safeway and we’re home. Watching “Dragon Wars.” Kind of a crappy move; great “special” effects. I really like the Snake. Don’t like that it’s more White Folks taking over another race’s myths. (Even if it’s not really a “true” myth. The World revolves around us White Folks; don’t you know. Still, why couldn’t real Korean’s play the parts? And how did it get transferred from Korea to Los Angeles?)


Anywho, that’s my rant for the day.

May 08

NASA Called. Again.

It was 75 degrees and plenty sunny today; so you know what I did and where I was All Day. (Outside!) Started setting up that pool my friend gave me. Collected more rocks for my “rock garden.” Dodged the Wasps! And just soaked in as much sunshine and heat as I could in one day. Good thing no one “just stopped by.”


Did have to put some shorts on to pick SWMBO up at the bus stop in Belfair this evening. Bummer. Not that I got to pick her up. That’s always great.

Short, but boring, post tonight. What I lack in quality of content I more than make up for with extremely intelligent uninteresting chatter.